Novac Immerz

Crafting Solutions With Immersive

Building next-generation AR, VR, MR, and Metaversal solutions to offer an
immersive user experience while adding value to your business.

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Attract and Retain Your Customers With Virtual

Aiding organizations in generating a digital world, where users can virtually experience their products and services

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Drive Maximum Reach,
And Conversion with
Augmented Reality

Leveraging AR technology to develop cutting-edge interactive, engaging, and immersive solutions for your business.

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Step Into The World of
Tomorrow With

Offering metaverse-induced solutions to future-proof the growing demands of your business

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We are a

Novac Immerz, a leading customer-focused organization delivers Immersive Content Production Services that aid businesses in their digital transformation journey. Novac deploys a suite of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), 360° Videos, Metaverse Concepts, and Digital Twins (DT) technologies to create an interactive storyline and simulated environments. This will enhance customer experience and also add value to your business.

Our Expertise in Immersive solutions, Virtual Meetings, Smart contracts, NFT, and Blockchain Development makes us the partner of choice for many leading brands in India.

About Us

Explore Our Extensive Range of
Immersive Solutions

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Augmented Reality Solutions

Bringing virtual ideas to life with our AR services wherein brands can capture consumer attention, connect directly with the target audience, build customer trust and offer an immersive learning/training environment.

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Virtual Reality Solutions

Transport your user to a fully immersive environment, where they can experience, interact and learn about your brand. Our VR solutions also makes your workforce training efficient, flexible, and cost-effective.

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Mixed Reality Solutions

Offering Smarter innovative Mixed Reality solutions to explore new possibilities in leveraging your business. Our Mixed Reality Services aids organizations in effectively planning, building, and managing their businesses.

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WebXR Solutions

Engage your audience and bring them into the virtual world with Novac Immerz’s WebXR services, where we create future-forward experiences that are multi-device compatible.

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Virtual Walkthrough

We create 360° Video, one of the most powerful content formats for user engagement, it transports viewers to the immersive world making the content more accessible and easy to understand.

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Metaverse Development

Transforming your ideas into Metaverse Projects with our premium quality development services. We use top-notch tools and state-of-the-art technologies to cater to various needs of businesses.

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Immersive Digital Twins

Digital Twin is a virtual Model of a physical product or service that aids organizations in making data-driven decisions while preventing businesses from experiencing process inefficiencies.

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Curating the Best Technology
& Products For You







We are a team of Designers, Developers, and Industry Experts creating immersive solutions for businesses of all sizes by leveraging the latest technologies and best practices from the frontiers. We innovate, transform and revolutionize your business with our Immersive Technologies and ideas.

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Are You Ready for a Future Proof Workforce Training?

Re-Imagine your workforce Training with our customized AR, VR, and MR services and start building a smarter organization.

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We Ensure Commitment And Impart Quality Services!

Armed with cutting-edge technology and constant innovation, we aim to surpass every benchmark to offer the best.

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