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Leverage metaverse opportunity with our deep knowledge in AR/VR and Metaverse

Novac Immerz relies on experience in building innovative metaverse solutions and ../assets that increase and deliver real business value, we are completely equipped to create a metaverse platform or a marketplace that spans various purposes and industries with functionalities that brings great value to your business.

Our Metaverse Development Services

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Metaverse Application

Our team is ready to build decentralized apps as a part of an ecosystem and also choose the purpose of the apps such as presentation, tours, social communication, and more with the metaverse platform as a whole.

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Simulations, Training, & Digital Twins

When the metaverse platform is used for commercial purposes or for training purposes, including R&D, our team can create a completely immersive experience, mirroring the metaverse platform as another asset.

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Metaverse Marketplaces

Users can easily trade digital and physical ../assets that is tailored to your marketplace for a specific type of goods, namely metaverse art, and more

metaverse development solutions

Decentralized Platforms

Our team can create a VR metaverse or a virtual space where cryptocurrency users can freely conduct trade through digital ../assets

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Digital Economies

We can help build the gathering ground for crypto enthusiasts, where cryptocurrency, Metaverse NFTs, and other blockchain ../assets can be traded across the platform

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Integration Services

With a versatile tech stack, our devs can add numerous integration into custom metaverse development

Why Choose Novac?

We can redefine the nature of your business with exceptional Metaverse Development Services customized to your needs

Metaverse Development Services
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 Metaverse Development Services
 Metaverse Development Services
Metaverse Development Services
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Metaverse Development Services
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Metaverse Development Services

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