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Attract and Retain Your Customers With Our
VR Solutions

Novac Immerz Virtual Reality Solutions help organizations in building immersive worlds, allowing users to virtually experience products and services. From showcasing a product to offering remote training, we can leverage immersive technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to offer streamlined access to quality content and an immersive environment while Consistently increasing the organization’s ROI.

Our Virtual Reality Solutions provides Manufacturing, Retail, Consumer, Education, Real estate, and many other industries with immersive and interactive experiences like Virtual Tours, VR games, VR Try-On, 360-degree videos & Images in Mixed Reality backed by technologies like Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, and AppGameKit VR.

Leveraging Virtual Reality Solutions for transforming Industries

  • Enhance Customer engagement and satisfaction levels
  • Active Experience than Information
  • Addressing the Future Demands
  • Remote Learning and Training
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Explore a Myriad of
Opportunities With Our Virtual Reality Solutions


Product/Service Visualization

Enable Visual Configurations for customizable products with immersive technologies, thereby increasing transparency and previewing the final output.

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VR App Consultation

Our exquisite consulting team provides you insight into trending AR/VR technologies that can suit your business's needs.

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Workforce Training

With VR, transform your workforce training sessions by engaging the learners in an immersive world, thereby increasing the company's profitability.

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Virtual Showrooms

Transform your business with virtual spaces to increase the engagement level of customers with complete control over the navigation.


Virtual Try-Ons

Maximize your sales by enabling a realistic shopping experience for your customer, with our Virtual Reality-based Try-On solutions.

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360-degree Videos and Images

Offering 360-degree video and Image production services to capture and present your brand's presence/product/service in an effective and immersive way.

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Virtual Events

With Virtual Events, participants can have plenty of networking opportunities and visual exploration, saving time and money while leveraging digital transformation.

Leveraging Virtual Reality Solutions for Transforming Industries

Explore Novac Immerz's wide variety of Virtual Reality Solutions across industries and boost your business growth

  • Augmented Shopping Mall
  • AR Product Configurator/ Augmented Reality Product Configurator
  • AR Try-On
  • Product Preview

  • Design and Prototyping
  • Examination of Assembly Line designs

  • Organizing Campus Tours
  • Augmented Classrooms
  • Augmented Field Trips
  • Practical Training
  • Augmented Reality Labs

  • Augmented Showroom walkthrough
  • Augmented Designing and Prototyping
  • Augmented Technical Support

  • Medical Training Simulation
  • Augmented Diagnostic Imaging and Risk Assessment
  • Surgery Preparation and Planning
  • Doctor Consultation

  • Interior Design Visualization
  • Architectural Visualization
  • Staging Visualization
  • Augmented Property Showcases
  • AR Tours

  • Augmented Filters/Effects
  • Best Marketing Tool
  • Augmented Gaming

  • AI-enabled soft skill training
  • High-risk Training
  • Institutional Knowledge Transfer
  • Skill Development

Tech Stack That Powers Our VR Solutions

Virtual Reality Solutions
Virtual Reality Development Company
Virtual Reality Solutions
Virtual Reality Development Company
Virtual Reality Solutions

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We build VR futuristic apps that are embedded with a myriad of features ranging from creating immersive learning experiences to efficient workforce training sessions in the virtual world.

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