Personalized user experience on digital channels that helps brands grow sales by reducing return rates.

Novac Immerz aids businesses in offering an immersive and interactive user experience with a modern, customized shopping experience using the latest Virtual Reality-based Try-On technology.

Our team of experts delivers tailor-made solutions for e-commerce industries suiting their business needs. Our team creates high-quality 3D Models, Smart Apps, and 180/360-degree Images with state-of-the-art technology.

With Virtual Try-Ons,
Businesses can

  • Elevate customer’s shopping experience
  • Build Trust and Engagement
  • Increase Brand Visibility
  • Cut Down Returns
  • Boost Digital Strategy
  • Test New Product/Service Ideas

We Develop Virtual
Try-On Solutions for Businessess

Virtual Try On for Footwear

Virtual Try-On for Footwear

With our Virtual Try-On filters, customers can try footwear of multiple designs, sizes, and colors remotely before purchasing, resulting in increased conversions, minimized returns driven by style, attracting new customers, and cutting labor time/costs.

Virtual Try-On for Furniture

Virtual Try-On for Furniture

Our VR-enabled retail platform help buyers in previewing the furniture by placing it in a position or a space to check the product’s size and functionality, which minimizes the returns associated with incorrect sizes.

Virtual Try-On for Jewellery

Virtual Try-On for Jewellery

Leverage your business with Virtual Try-Ons allowing your customers to try a wide variety of AR jewelry. We create hyper-realistic jewelry models true to their design, size, and color with a 360-degree view.

Virtual Try-On for Optics

Virtual Try-On for Optics

Make your customers find the perfect pair of eyewear with our Virtual Try-On feature, enabled with realistic 3D views/180-degree views and tools to analyze facial features.

Virtual Try-On for Makeup

Virtual Try-On for Makeup

Enable your customers to instantly try a wide range of makeup products without cleanup. Our virtual try-on feature is customized to create a realistic representation of beauty products, aiding customers in making the right purchase,

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