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Acquire New Opportunities With WebXR Solutions

Novac Immerz’s WebXR solutions aid businesses to grow and acquire new opportunities with interactive WebXR content that are highly accessible and easy to distribute

Being experts in Extended Reality, we create WebXR solutions confined to achieving business goals with our cross-platform and cross-browser solutions.

extended reality services

Benefits of WebXR

  • Greater Accessibility
  • Simplified connection with 3D -World
  • Engaging Visual Effects
  • Ease of Use
  • Device Compatibility

Applications of WebXR

The technology behind WebXR embraces Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality. Novac Immerz offers markers, images, trackers, and location-focused solutions.

extended reality development company

Product Testing

Visualized product try-on implemented in the web context allows users to try and review details before purchasing them.

extended reality development solutions

Product Promotion

Retain your current audience and attract new ones with WebXR product promotions that build an emotional connection with the potential audience.

extended reality development services

Virtual Tours

Allow your users to virtually explore locations where they can look around and examine events, stores, or products with 360-degree photos and videos in Virtual Reality.

xr solutions

Virtual Meetings

With our WebXR Development Company, schedule your business meetings, school practicals, university lectures, and client meetings virtually with embedded materials like media sources or presentations.

Technologies We Use

Web XR Solutions
WebXR Development Company
Web XR Solutions
WebXR Development Company
Web XR Solutions

Scalable Business Opportunities
With WebXR

WebXR Development Company

Marketing and sales

Create an engaging and immersive experience for your customers that influences purchasing decisions.

Web XR Solutions


Offer buyers additional information about products and promotions in real time.

WebXR Development Company


Engage learners in a digital space that provides opportunities to interact and learn.

Web XR Solutions

Real Estate

Visualize homes, construction plans, and designs with virtual tours, 360-degree videos, and photos.

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