Explore the Opportunities of the Banking and Fintech industry with Immersive Technologies

With Novac Immerz brings the next generation of transactions in the fintech industry by improving operational efficiency, transparency, better customer experiences, and faster response times through Immersive technologies like AR, VR, MR, XR, and Metaverse.

Why Banking and Fintech industry

Metaverse for Banking Industry

Our Fintech Software Development Services

Novac Immerz employs the latest technologies, including blockchain, IoT, and AI, to develop secure and user-friendly apps to upscale peer-to-peer lending apps, payment gateways, and smart finance management systems.

Metaverse for Fintech Industry

AI-enabled Fintech Solutions

We create AI-enabled financial management apps that aid the industry’s stakeholders make smarter decisions and enhancing customer engagement across multiple channels.

Metaverse for Banking Industry

Intelligent CRM solutions

The cloud-based CRM systems are integrated with Microservices, AI, and other latest technologies for better financial management.

Metaverse for Fintech Industry

Accounting Information Systems

Our team contains in-depth knowledge of AIS software, SAP,Sage, and more to combine with smart business intelligence applications curated for each enterprise’s needs.

Metaverse for Banking Industry

Custom Fintech Application

We provide customized fintech software development services across platforms for better user engagement, custom reporting, and real-time interaction.

Metaverse for Fintech Industry

Digital Wallet Development

Our developers can create digital wallet apps that allow financial institutions to cater to personalized customer demands.

Metaverse for Banking Industry

Robotic Process Automation

We can develop RPA bots for financial companies to automate and enhance the efficiency of labor-intensive financial processes.

Benefits of Immersive Technologies To The Fintech industry

We at Novac bring you top-of-the-line development services, not for the umbrella fintech
industry but for niche aspects.

Metaverse for Fintech Industryt

Wealth Management

We build virtual fintech apps for better client communication, monitoring consumer trends, financial assets, personal investing, and financial analytics.

Metaverse for Banking Industry


Metaverse can help insurance companies to improve customer engagement,the underwriting process, claims processing, and fraud detection.

Metaverse for Fintech Industry


By implementing metaverse technology across lending operations, we can build apps that can facilitate instant loan approval, online KYC verification, and much more.

Metaverse for Banking Industry

Personal Finance

We develop smart applications to aid users in the metaverse in managing their savings and investments with automated payments and improved budget planning.

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