Need for Immersive Technologies In The Retail Industry

Novac Immerz creates retail experiences for brands using immersive technologies through stellar omnichannel experiences to attract and retain customers. Unite your physical and digital customer experience, and visualize your online and offline products to encourage repeat customer visits with innovative loyalty programs.

Why choose Metaverse For Retail?

Augment your retail business in an immersive environment that orchestrates engaging customer experiences, breeds loyalty, and boosts the virtual in-store experience.

Metaverse for Retail Industry

Virtual Try-on

Using Immersive technologies like AR and VR, retailers can power up their businesses by imparting virtual fittings, furniture, and pop-up product catalog for buyers to get a sense of how a particular product fits or looks in their real-world environment.

Metaverse for Retail Industry

Safety Management

Employees must be aware of safety procedures and workplace hazards to stay extra vigilant while encountering safety issues in the real world. By imparting our Metaverse for Retail Industry solutions, enterprises can train employees on handling various emergency situations like fire accidents, robbery, natural hazards, and many more.

Metaverse for Retail Industry

Store Virtualization

With an immersive environment, retailers can build a virtual twin of their store environment by creating an interactive scenario for employees to explore the decision-making process and influence the customer experience in the real and virtual worlds.

Metaverse for Retail Industry

Drive Sales

Increase your conversion rates through product visualization and build consumer confidence in your brand, thereby focusing on the point of impact in the immersive environment

Metaverse for Retail Industry

Build Loyalty

Drive return visits with impact retail campaigns through walk-in experiences, digital rewards, schemes, curated NFTs, and collectibles that can strengthen the emotional connection to your brand.

Benefits Of Integrating Metaverse for Retail and Consumer Industries

Metaverse for Retail Industry

Measurable Insights

As every user action is recorded using immersive technologies, it is easier to access the insights and the assessments to drive measurable outcomes and enhance business processes.

Metaverse for Consumer Industry

Enhanced Engagement

A fully interactive, immersive platform experience allows employees to train in a safe environment, reinforcing the correct behavior pattern and knowledge retention for production scenarios.

Metaverse for Retail Industry

Scalable Distribution

Since the metaverse is cloud-based and hardware agnostic, it is easier to support across devices and applications and run it several times.

Metaverse for Consumer Industry

Comprehensive Security

The immersive platform offers enterprise-grade security, complete with controlled user access and single sign-on support.

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