With Immersive Technologies Explore the Opportunities in Real Estate Industry

In the Real Estate field, most agents use 2d photos and videos for the online listing, which fails to convince a buyer. This is where immersive solutions help in speeding up the closing process. Novac Immerz’s virtual solutions, like virtual tours, 3D models, and virtual staging, will set up a new benchmark in the industry.

Why Real Estate?

Metaverse for Real Estate Industry

Virtual Tours

Unlike traditional photos and videos, virtual tours allow you to experience the space in an immersive way. Virtual tours can bring architectural drawings to life, even before the place is constructed or renovated.

Metaverse for Real Estate Industry

Multimedia Content

Keep your audience engaged and entertained by adding texts, images, audio, and videos in the 360-degree scene, where you can bring visitors to the web page through a call-to-action button.

Metaverse for Real Estate Industry

Product/Service Visualization

Enable Visual Configurations for customizable products with immersive technologies, thereby increasing transparency and previewing the final output.

Metaverse for Real Estate Industry

App Consultation

Our exquisite consulting team provides you insight into trending AR/VR technologies that can suit your business’s needs.

Metaverse for Real Estate Industry

Workforce Training

Immersive technologies like AR, VR, and XR can transform your workforce training sessions by engaging learners in an immersive world, thereby increasing the company’s profitability.

Benefits Of Integrating Metaverse

Metaverse for Real Estate Industry

Measurable Insights

As every user action is recorded using immersive technologies, it is easier to access the insights and the assessments to drive measurable outcomes and enhance business processes.

Metaverse for Real Estate Industry

Enhanced Engagement

A fully interactive, immersive platform experience allows employees to train in a safe environment, reinforcing the correct behavior pattern and knowledge retention for production scenarios.

Metaverse for Real Estate Industry

Scalable Distribution

Since the metaverse is cloud-based and hardware agnostic, it is easier to support across devices and applications and run it several times.

Metaverse for Real Estate Industry

Comprehensive Security

The immersive platform offers enterprise-grade security, complete with controlled user access and single sign-on support.

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