Opportunities for the Oil, Gas and Energy Industry with Immersive Technologies

With Novac Immerz’s immersive technologies, explore the opportunities for oil, gas, and chemical industries as safety training and competency have evolved for the better. Changing technologies, regulatory updates, and other significant factors trigger the need for rapid transformation in the energy sector.

To remain competitive, companies must operate safely, reliably, and efficiently with a competent workforce. Metaverse plays a vital role in providing critical skills, testing the boundaries of a plant, and evaluating themselves with new equipment and tools within the virtual environment.

Use cases of
Oil, Gas and Energy Industry

Metaverse for Oil Gas Industry

Upgrading Skills

Since the oil and energy industry is a niche, it is essential to constantly upskill before entering it. With immersive technologies, it is easier to build a digital twin of a plant or machinery using inputs from senior employees that can be optimized and used efficiently.

Metaverse for Energy Industry

Risk and Safety Management

One of the most critical aspects of the industry is the regular update of rules and regulations. One small mistake can lead to many dangerous situations. Our experiential and hands-on immersive training is ideal for safety and emergency response scenarios.

Metaverse for Oil Gas Industry

Plant Operations

We can virtually recreate the immersive digital twin of the sophisticated equipment system that allows operators to acquire in-depth knowledge of standard operating procedures (SOP).

Metaverse for Energy Industry

Equipment Maintenance

The immersive training simulators enable a virtual hands-on experience to troubleshoot and repair sensitive machinery. It also allows the safe execution of high-risk maintenance activities ranging from predetermined to emergency and corrective maintenance.

Benefits Of Integrating Metaverse

Metaverse for Oil Gas Industry

Measurable Insights

As every user action is recorded using immersive technologies, it is easier to access the insights and the assessments to drive measurable outcomes and enhance business processes.

Metaverse for Energy Industry

Enhanced Engagement

A fully interactive, immersive platform experience allows employees to train in a safe environment, reinforcing the correct behavior pattern and knowledge retention for production scenarios.

Metaverse for Oil Gas Industry

Scalable Distribution

Since the metaverse is cloud-based and hardware agnostic, it is easier to support across devices and applications and run it several times.

Metaverse for Energy Industry

Comprehensive Security

The immersive platform offers enterprise-grade security, complete with controlled user access and single sign-on support.

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