Need for Immersive Technologies in the Healthcare and Pharma Industry

For any organization, health and safety training of employees is essential. With immersive technologies, learners can work in realistic environments, where they can learn and apply the safety protocols, which comprehensively prepares them for health and safety challenges.

Why Healthcare and Pharma?

Metaverse for Healthcare Industry

Emergency Situations

It is very challenging to teach employees how to react to emergencies like armed robbery, fire accidents, or situations from natural hazards like an earthquake. With Novac’s Metaverse for Healthcare Industry solutions, employees can virtually go through critical steps of high-risk moments to make the right decision under intense pressure.

. Metaverse for Healthcare Industry

Hazard Identification

Company hazards such as loose cables, failed auto parts, or misplaced items can become a cause for a significant portion of workplace injuries. With our Metaverse for Pharma Industry solutions, learners can be cautious with the environment, where they can locate all issues in the given scene, building situational awareness and visual object recognition skills in any working environment.

Metaverse for Healthcare Industry

Food Safety

In the Food sector, handling food safely to maintain high standards and quality is important. Novac’s immersive technology solutions enable repetition, standardization, and scalability in training to highly effective realistic training techniques. It also eliminates the need for expert trainers during the training sessions.

Metaverse for Healthcare Industry

Equipment Maintenance

The immersive training simulators enable a virtual hands-on experience to troubleshoot and repair sensitive machinery. It also allows the safe execution of high-risk maintenance activities ranging from predetermined to emergency and corrective maintenance.

Benefits Of Integrating Metaverse

Metaverse for Healthcare Industry

Measurable Insights

As every user action is recorded using immersive technologies, it is easier to access the insights and the assessments to drive measurable outcomes and enhance business processes.

Metaverse for Pharma Industry

Enhanced Engagement

A fully interactive, immersive platform experience allows employees to train in a safe environment, reinforcing the correct behavior pattern and knowledge retention for production scenarios.

Metaverse for Healthcare Industry

Scalable Distribution

Since the metaverse is cloud-based and hardware agnostic, it is easier to support across devices and applications and run it several times.

Metaverse for Pharma Industry

Comprehensive Security

The immersive platform offers enterprise-grade security, complete with controlled user access and single sign-on support.

Explore the Metaverse potential for Healthcare and Pharma

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